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Akkadian Tutors

Akkadian is a member of the Afroasiatic language family that was spoken in Mesopotamia in the 3rd to 1st millennia BC and named after the city of Akkad. The earliest known Semitic language, Akkadian was written using the cuneiform writing system, which emerged in Sumer before 3000 BC. Please scroll down the page to see Carmenta's Akkadian Tutor options. Our Akkadian Tutors are experts not only in Akkadian but also in a number of other languages from the same region and period.

Carmenta Tutor rates range from $75/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors, please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

erik o

Erik O., M.A.
Humanities (Classics focus) -
U. of Chicago
Latin, Greek, Ancient Languages,
Native Amer. Languages, SAT

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