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Carmenta Gaelic Tutors are experts in the variants of this language in both Ireland and Scotland and have been tutoring them for many years. Our Gaelic Tutors are well-versed in these members of the Goidelic language family as well as related Celtic languages. Each Carmenta Gaelic Tutor is working to revive these languages, which originated in Scotland and Ireland but are now spoken by only around 1% of the population, most living in the Outer Hebrides and far west of Ireland. Carmenta is devoted to teaching niche languages, and so we have gone out of our way to hire a variety of instructors, including Gaelic Tutors. Each Gaelic Tutor in our faculty is working to spread knowledge of these important Celtic languages. And while Gaelic began to decline in the late Middle Ages and has continued ever since, Carmenta and its Gaelic Tutors work hard to bring these languages to any student who is interested. Our Gaelic Tutors are well-versed in its rich oral and written literature and enjoy bringing it to students. Our Gaelic Tutors have successfully tutored many students in these two languages and are eager to tutor more. Please take a minute to see our Gaelic Tutor options below.

john p

John P., B.A
Cert. Min.
Classical Greek & Latin / Comparative Philology - University College London / Oxford
Latin, Latin Conversation, Greek,
Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, Italian

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