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Nahuatl Tutors

Our Nahuatl Tutors are experts in this language, which is indigenous to central Mexico and was historically known as "Aztec". Nahuatl's varieties are spoken by approximately 1.5 million people of the Nahua cultural group, mostly in rural areas. Nahuatl has been spoken in the region since at least the 7th c. AD. Carmenta's Nahuatl Tutors are experts in this language of the Aztecs, which after the Spanish conquest and introduction of the Latin alphabet, became a literary language as well. In the 16th and 17th centuries a variety of Nahuatl language texts were produced, including codices, administrative documents, poetry, grammars, and chronicles. Our Nahuatl Tutors (Aztec Tutors) have years of experience in the language. Scroll down to see our Nahuatl Tutor / Aztec Tutor options.

Carmenta Tutor rates range from $75/hr. to $220/hr. If you are interested in hiring one of our tutors, please Email or call us at (212) 203-8734.

erik o

Erik O., M.A.
Humanities (Classics focus) -
U. of Chicago
Latin, Greek, Ancient Languages,
Native Amer. Languages, SAT

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