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Carmenta Academic Advising and College Admissions Counseling

matthew latin student
Matthew, 5th-grader and Carmenta Latin Student.

Steps for Academic Success

academic advising steps

1 Your Individual Academic Plan

We structure your student's path to success.

We at Carmenta strive to provide students with truly comprehensive strategies for both short and long-term academic success. We understand that meeting (or even exceeding) your personal academic goals is extremely important to you, and we are eager to streamline the process and assist you in reaching those goals through our staff of experienced Academic Advisors and large faculty of élite Tutors.

Every Carmenta Tutoring Student receives the benefit of this expertise, which presents in the form of an Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) that takes into account the student's personal academic goals and the specific elements necessary for that student's academic and life success.

2 Ongoing Academic Evaluation

Students are evaluated by Academic Advisors and their Tutors both initially and as they go.

This evaluation takes into account:

a) Student short-term goals (improved individual-subject grade, improved standardized-test scores, individual test prep, etc.)

b) Student long-term goals (College Admissions Optimization Plan, admission into college of choice, target cumulative GPA, higher standardized-test scores, high school transcript planning, etc.)

Students and parents are encouraged to contact Carmenta at any time and speak to one of our Academic Advisors if they have any questions or concerns, or if they wish to discuss modifications in or additions to the student's Individual Academic Plan.

3 Academic Solutions

We quickly and expertly resolve developing academic issues.

Students are advised on the best way to achieve their goals, which may include one or more of the following solutions:

a) Tutoring

We boost student's school class grades through individual-subject tutoring (Latin, Ancient Greek, Math, Science, Modern Languages, etc.).

b) SAT Prep

We provide early and thorough preparation for all relevant standardized tests (SAT, AP, SAT Subject Tests, GRE, NLE, etc.).

c) College Admissions Counseling

We provide expert college admissions counseling and create an overall plan for optimizing the student's chances of acceptance into top universities (transcript optimization, college application essay writing, etc.).

Click here for information on how to Sign Up for a Carmenta Tutor or Tutors and create (with your Carmenta Academic Advisor) your own Individual Academic Plan.