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Latin Tutors

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molly a

Molly A., Ph.D.
Classical Studies - Columbia U.

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patricia s

Patricia S., Ph.D.
Classics - UC Berkeley

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derick a

Derick A., Ph.D.
candidate (ABD)

Classical Philology - UNC

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roxanne g

Roxanne G., Ph.D.
Classics - Boston University

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brian g

Brian G., B.A.
Linguistics & Classics - Brown

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aleah h

Aleah H., Ph.D.
candidate (ABD)
Classics - UC Irvine

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emily l

Emily L., M.A.T.
Latin & Classical Hum. - Boston U.

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gerard p

Gerard P., Ph.D.
Classics - Columbia

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teresa s

Teresa S., Ph.D.
Classics - UC Irvine

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stefania b

Stefania B., M.S.
U. of Macedonia

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kathleen b

Kathleen B., M.A.
Classics - U. of Hawaii

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maria luisa s

Maria Luisa S., Ph.D.
Literary Criticism - U. of Calabria

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alex d

Alex D., M.Ed.
Foreign Language Educ. - Ohio St.

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daniel d

Daniel D., Ph.D.
Classics - Johns Hopkins

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lewis e

Lewis E., B.A.
Linguistics & Languages - Swarthmore

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lydia f

Lydia F., M.A.
Classics - U. of Virginia

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audra f

Audra F., B.A.
Classics - Gettysburg College

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rebecca g

Rebecca G., M.A.T.
Latin - U. Mass., Amherst

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patrick h

Patrick H., B.A.
Classics - U. of Pennsylvania

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sonya m

Sonya M., B.A.
Classical Civ. - UC Berkeley

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deborah n

Deborah N., Ph.D.
candidate (ABD)
Philosophy - Marquette

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john p

John P., B.A., Cert. Min.
Classical Greek & Latin / Comparative Philology - University College London / Oxford

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natasha r

Natasha R., M.A.
Latin - Indiana University

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derek s

Derek S., M.A.T.
Latin & English Ed. - Asbury U.

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bill w

Bill W., M.A.
Classics - Columbia

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