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New York City Tutoring Center

nyc latin tutoring center
Carmenta Tutoring Center is located at 276 Fifth Ave. in New York City.

Students who live in New York City have access not only to our élite Skype tutors (in Latin as well as more than 100 other subjects) but also periodic in-person one-on-one or group tutoring sessions at our NYC Walk-In Tutoring Center at 276 5th Ave. To schedule a time with one of our in-person tutors, just call us at (212) 203-8734. We are happy to provide you with information on our faculty of local New York City tutors, including available times, subjects, and hourly rates, as well as to determine which one of our tutors is right for you. But no matter the tutor, every single one is an expert in his or her subjects as well as a great teacher with a passion for education. Our tutors care about the success of all their students, doing everything possible to make sure that they learn the subject successfully.

All appointments with our in-person tutors must be made 7 days in advance.

Subjects We Tutor

We tutor a variety of subjects at our NYC Tutoring Center, including:

  • Latin
  • Greek
  • Greco-Roman Mythology
  • English

NYC Tutor Faculty

Carmenta has a top-quality group of tutors who work with students at our NYC Center in Latin, Ancient Greek, and a number of other subjects. Our local tutors have a variety of degrees and fee levels, and all are extremely good instructors with many years experience.

Daniel D., Ph.D. candidate
Classics - Johns Hopkins
Latin, Greek

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Molly A., Ph.D.
Classical Studies -
Columbia U.
Latin, Greek, Math,
Science, Mythology

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Sonya M., B.A.
Classical Civilizations - U.C. Berkeley
Latin, Greek,
Greco-Roman Mythology, English

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